How to Screenshot on Dell Chromebook: Step-by-Step Guide

Chromebooks are known for their simplicity and ease of use, but taking screenshots on a Dell Chromebook can still be a challenge for some users. Whether you need to document a process, save an image, or provide feedback, taking screenshots is an essential task on any device. With so many options available, it’s easy to get confused or frustrated with the process. Fortunately, there are several ways to take screenshots on a Dell Chromebook, including keyboard shortcuts, stylus, and third-party apps. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps to take a screenshot on your Dell Chromebook so that you can capture your screen quickly and easily.



If you own a Dell Chromebook, you know that it’s a reliable and efficient device for work or play. But did you know that taking screenshots on your Chromebook can help you in many ways? Screenshots are a quick and easy way to record information, save images, and share content with others.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or just someone who loves to take photos and capture moments, knowing how to take screenshots on your Dell Chromebook is an essential skill. With the ability to capture what’s on your screen, you can show step-by-step processes, capture and highlight errors, document procedures, and even store inspiration.

In this guide, we’ll explore the different ways you can take screenshots on your Dell Chromebook. From using keyboard shortcuts to a stylus and third-party apps, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in!

Why Take Screenshots on a Dell Chromebook?

Record Information

Record Information

Screenshots can be incredibly useful for recording information, particularly when you need to show someone else how to do something on your Dell Chromebook. By taking a screenshot of each step, you can create a visual guide that is easy to follow and understand.

Another benefit of taking screenshots is the ability to capture errors or issues that may occur. If you’re experiencing technical problems with your Dell Chromebook, taking a screenshot of the error message can help you troubleshoot the issue by providing valuable information to tech support.

In addition to showing steps and capturing errors, screenshots are also a great way to document processes. For example, if you need to explain a complex process to a colleague or client, taking screenshots of each step can make it easier to communicate the details of the process clearly and succinctly.

Overall, taking screenshots on your Dell Chromebook can save you time and frustration by providing a clear record of important information. Whether you’re showing someone how to complete a task, troubleshooting an issue, or documenting a process, taking screenshots is a simple and effective way to record information.

Save Images

Save Images

Chromebooks are not just a tool for work or studying, they can also be used to capture and store precious moments, memories, and inspiration. With the ability to take screenshots, you can easily preserve whatever you see on your Chromebook’s screen and keep it forever. Let’s explore how saving images on a Dell Chromebook can help you memorize moments, capture memories, and store inspiration.

Memorize Moments

With a simple screenshot, you can record important moments in your life, whether it’s capturing an achievement, a funny conversation with friends, or a beautiful sunset. By taking a screenshot on your Dell Chromebook, you can save these moments and revisit them whenever you want. This can be especially helpful if you have trouble remembering details or if you want to share these moments with others.

Capture Memories

Screenshots are also a great way to capture memories. You may come across something nostalgic or sentimental online that you want to keep, like an old photo of your family or a favorite childhood game. By taking a screenshot, you can preserve these digital memories and keep them close to you. Moreover, you can organize your saved screenshots into a folder, enabling you to access them easily and efficiently.

Store Inspiration

Lastly, screenshots can be used to save inspiration. Whether it’s a quote that speaks to you, a recipe you want to try, or a design idea you want to implement, taking a screenshot lets you store these inspirational moments in one place. You can then review them later when you need motivation or ideas.

In conclusion, saving images on a Dell Chromebook is not just about capturing an image, but it’s about preserving a moment, a memory, or inspiration. This feature is easy to use and can help you remember and cherish some of life’s most important and inspiring moments.

Share Content

Sharing content with others is an essential part of communication and collaboration in both personal and professional settings. With the ability to take screenshots on a Dell Chromebook, users can easily share visual information with others, which can be especially helpful in multiple scenarios.

One way screenshots can be used for sharing content is by collaborating with others on a project or task. For example, if you are working on a group project with classmates or colleagues, you can take a screenshot of your work and send it to them to review or offer feedback. This can help improve communication and streamline the collaborative process.

Screenshots can also be useful for providing evidence or documentation of an issue or error. For instance, if you encounter a technical problem or error message, taking a screenshot of it can provide valuable evidence when seeking assistance from tech support or troubleshooting the issue on your own.

Additionally, screenshots can be a great tool for sending feedback or suggestions on a design or website. By capturing a screenshot and marking it up with annotations or highlighting areas of concern, you can clearly communicate your thoughts and ideas to others, without the need for lengthy explanations.

Overall, the ability to take screenshots on a Dell Chromebook offers many advantages when it comes to sharing content with others. Whether you’re collaborating on a project, providing evidence, or sending feedback, screenshots can help facilitate communication and enhance productivity.

How to Screenshot on a Dell Chromebook

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Taking a screenshot on your Dell Chromebook is a quick and easy process, thanks to the keyboard shortcuts available. By using these shortcuts, you can capture your entire screen or just a portion of it.

Fullscreen Capture

To take a fullscreen screenshot on your Dell Chromebook, simply press the Ctrl and Window Switcher keys at the same time. The Window Switcher key is located in the top row of your keyboard, and looks like a rectangle with two vertical lines on either side.

After pressing these keys, your screen will flash white, indicating that the screenshot has been captured. The image will be automatically saved to your Downloads folder.

Partial Screen Capture

If you only want to capture a portion of your screen, you can use the following keyboard shortcut:

  1. Press the Shift, Ctrl, and Window Switcher keys at the same time.
  2. Your cursor will turn into a crosshair.
  3. Click and drag your cursor over the area of the screen you want to capture.
  4. Release the mouse button.

Like the fullscreen capture, your screen will flash white when the screenshot has been taken. The image will also be saved to your Downloads folder.

Using keyboard shortcuts is the fastest and most convenient way to take screenshots on your Dell Chromebook. Whether you need to capture your entire screen or just a part of it, these shortcuts make the process simple and straightforward.

Using a Stylus

Using a Stylus

Another way to take screenshots on your Dell Chromebook is by using a stylus. The stylus makes it easier to draw on the screenshot and annotate the image. Here’s how:

  1. Take the screenshot as explained in the previous section.
  2. Once you have the screenshot, click the “Pen” icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. This will open the “Canvas” app where you can edit your screenshot with different pen sizes and colors.
  4. You can draw on the screenshot using the stylus and also add text or shapes for annotations.

Using a stylus gives you more control over your edits and allows you to express your ideas more precisely. It’s especially useful if you need to highlight specific parts of the screenshot or explain something in detail.

For example, you could use a stylus to circle an error message or draw arrows pointing out a specific feature. Annotating images can help you communicate more effectively with others and save time explaining things verbally.

Overall, using a stylus to edit your screenshots is a great option for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to editing. Give it a try and see how it can improve your workflow!

Using Third-Party Apps

Using Third-Party Apps

Aside from keyboard shortcuts and stylus pens, there are several third-party software applications you can use to take screenshots on your Dell Chromebook. These apps provide additional features that may not be available through the built-in functions of your device or provide a more intuitive interface for capturing images.


Lightshot is a popular screenshot tool that works with both Windows and Mac operating systems. It also has a Chrome extension that allows users to easily capture their screens directly from their browsers. This app offers basic editing tools such as text, arrows, and highlighting to customize your captured screenshot. You can also share your screenshots via links or social media platforms.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is another highly rated Chrome extension that enables users to capture and annotate screenshots. This app offers a variety of capture options, including visible parts of a webpage, selected areas, or an entire page. You can add annotations, blur out sensitive information, and crop your images using the built-in editor. Awesome Screenshot also has a feature that allows you to record videos of your screen.

Nimbus Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot is a versatile tool for taking screenshots on your Dell Chromebook. It has a range of capture modes, including scrolling capture and timed capture, which allows you to set a delay before the screenshot is taken. The app also includes an image editor with various shapes, lines, and text options to help you annotate your images. You can save your screenshots locally or upload them to the cloud-based storage provided by Nimbus.

In conclusion, third-party screenshot apps offer a range of features and editing options that can enhance your screenshot-taking experience on your Dell Chromebook. Whether you choose Lightshot, Awesome Screenshot, or Nimbus Screenshot, each option provides a unique set of capabilities to suit your needs.



Taking a screenshot on your Dell Chromebook is an easy process that can be accomplished in multiple ways. Whether you prefer using keyboard shortcuts, a stylus, or third-party apps, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs.

One of the easiest and most common methods is to use the built-in keyboard shortcuts. With just a few clicks, you can capture either the entire screen or just a portion of it. This feature allows you to easily highlight important information, capture images, and share content with others.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, a stylus can be used to draw directly on your screenshots or annotate them with notes. This is particularly useful if you need to provide feedback or collaborate with others on a project.

For those who want even more options, there are several third-party apps available that offer additional features such as the ability to crop images, add text, or blur sensitive information. Some popular options include Lightshot, Awesome Screenshot, and Nimbus Screenshot.

In conclusion, taking a screenshot on your Dell Chromebook is a simple and straightforward process that can be accomplished through various methods. With so many options to choose from, you can select the one that best suits your needs and preferences. So why wait? Start capturing your screen today and enhance your productivity in no time!
Taking screenshots on a Dell Chromebook is a simple process that can be done using keyboard shortcuts, a stylus or third-party apps. Whether you want to record important information, save images, or share content with others, taking screenshots on your Dell Chromebook has never been easier. By following our step-by-step guide, you can capture your screen in seconds and use the captured image for various purposes.

In conclusion, mastering the art of taking screenshots on a Dell Chromebook is an essential skill that every user should have. With the tips outlined in this article, you can easily take screenshots with ease and share them with others. Remember that you can always experiment with different methods until you find one that works best for you. So go ahead and start capturing your screen today!

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